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We prefer the incident investigation method Tripod BETA

We normally investigate and analyse incidents according to the Tripod BETA incident analysis method. Tripod BETA has a solid scientific background on human behavior and is nowadays used by most major industries. We prefer the Tripod BETA methodology to the various less structured Root Cause Analysis methods. All participants in the Flying Squad are Tripod BETA practitioners.

Should you want to use a different method, please discuss that with us. Several of our investigators are proficient in different methods, e.g. RCA, BSCAT, TOP-SET and TAP-ROOT.

Tripod BETA™

Developed in the early 1990s, Tripod BETA is an incident investigation and analysis methodology designed in line with the human behavior model. It was explicitly created to help accident investigators model incidents in a way that allows them to understand the influencing environment and uncover the route organisational deficiencies that allowed that incident to happen.

Picture of our preferred incident investigation and analysis method Tripod Beta

The Tripod Beta methodology can not be characterised as a typical end user tool: in contrary it is an expert tool, requiring at least a minimum amount of skills obtained by training and experience. Tripod BETA is a high-end incident analysis tool capable of handling high risk and complex incidents. The strict application of logic, combined with a full range convention, make the tool reliable in finding depth of the analysis, and with respect to replicability of the outcomes. The methodology is banking on the principles of Hazards and Effects Management Process, Barrier Based Risk Management combined with the Human Error Theory. The tool allows free formulated Underlying Causes in line with the mentioned Convention that may be categorised into 11 distinct Basic Risk Factors, which in turn allow statistical comparison, baselining and benchmarking-type trend analysis.

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  • Prof. J. Reason, Prof. W. Wagenaar, Fishbein & Ayzen Model, Prof. J. Groeneweg (Controlling the Controllable)
  • Stichting Tripod Foundation
  • CGERisk.com