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We provide incident investigation support

Whenever you experience an accident or near miss, you want a thorough investigation to begin quickly. Evidence must be secured and reviewed, and witnesses must be interviewed. You want to establish the sequence of events, analyse the findings and identify the immediate and underlying causes as soon as possible. Your professional organisation wants to have a thorough and valid investigation, an expert analysis and meaningful and achievable recommendations. Because you and your organisation want to learn and improve.
However, many organisations lack the expertise or the resources to carry out such an investigation, or they want the investigation to be led by an independent expert. We provide the following incident investigation support:

Description of the incident investigation support process
Mobilisation: We will commit within 4 hours and are on our way within 24 hours.
24/7 Hotline +31 850 064 343
  • LEAD INVESTIGATOR: leads the investigation and reports to the client,
  • INVESTIGATOR: fully participates in the investigation team as an external (objective) specialist and reports to the client’s Lead Investigator,
  • FACILITATOR: facilitates one or more workgroup sessions during the different phases in the process of incident investigation, e.g. can facilitate method and process guidance during analysis/recommendation/hand-over sessions,
  • PEER REVIEWER: provides quality assurance for the incident analysis and investigation report,
  • COACH: guides (most common newly trained) investigators during their first experiences in the field,
  • CONSULTANCY-BASED SERVICES: helps organisations to learn from incidents, focusing on Incident Management; this can be done by means of Incident Management support, meta-analyses and learning events.
  • TRIPOD BETA PRACTITIONER EDUCATION: our accredited Flying Squad Trainers provide Tripod Beta Practitioner trainings.