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Legal Notice


We thank you for visiting www.flyingsquad.world.

The Flying Squad network organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of both visitors to her website as well as clients and participants. We treat personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as our website does not collect, store or process any personal data.

Website’s publisher

Company Name:
Flying Squad: a group of individuals who form a network organisation of which the individual partakers each for their part take responsibility for the collective.
On behalf of this group of individuals a contact person and a web master have been appointed, both participants in the network organisation. 

Legal form:
Network organisation

Company’s registered office:
p/a Interception Consultancy
Badhuisstraat 50-B
1789 AK  Huisduinen

Telephone number: 
+31 850 064 343
E-mail address:

The Flying Squad is not a business company and does not have any corporate business activities on its own. The objective of the Flying Squad is to promote activities of each individual participant, as well as to support education and mutual cooperation of the participants. The Flying Squad does not execute any activities or have any financial transactions of its ownAll activities are carried out by the individual participants of the Flying Squad or their individual legal enterprises. Therefore the Flying Squad does not have a bank account or VAT number etc. Representatives such as the company’s registered office and the web master act on behalf of the group and do not have a personal responsibility for the whole of their activities as carried out for and on behalf of the Flying Squad. Any dispute or legal matter is therefore always with regard to the whole group of individuals who participate in the Flying Squad. 

The purpose of the website is solely to provide information about the Flying Squad and its participants, the services rendered by the partakers and contact details.

Intellectual property

The information on this website is the intellectual property of the individuals participating in the Flying Squad as well as of the Flying Squad as a whole. No part of this website may be copied or reproduced in any shape or form, whether in full or in part, without written permission of the representative office as stated above. 


Visiting this website and using information from this website is wholly the responsibility of the visitor/user. Although the network organisation will do her utmost to keep the information accurate and up-to-date, she takes no responsibility whatsoever and denies all liability for the contents or the use of the information, or any damage that might result from visiting the website or from use of the information provided on this website. The accessibility of the website is not guaranteed, even though we will do our utmost to be accessible. The Flying Squad / publisher of this website does not take any responsibility for hyperlinks to external websites as can be found on the website of the Flying Squad, neither for the content of these websites/internet pages, neither for comments or actions of individual participants of the Flying Squad. The website, this legal notice and the privacy policy are subject to Dutch law. Any dispute will be submitted to the applicable Dutch court of law, as defined by the lawyers representing the Flying Squad network organisation.